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[UWO Fashion Show: Western Edition] Results!
Posted on 2017-09-07 18:00:00.0
Ahoy Captains!
Here’s the final results of the UWO Fashion Show: Western Edition!
1st: WalkerDePlank

2nd: Disi_Aslan

3rd: Slideman

4th: RoseM

5th: Lugubrious


<Good Effort>


- Check out all the entries here.
- For the top 5 players and those who won "Good Effort", please send us a Help Desk ticket (after being signed in) and let us know which prize(s) you wish to receive.
- Participation prize and check prize have already sent to players’ Captain’s Chest.
Thank you for participating!
See you all in the next Fashion Show!
- UWO Team