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[In-Game Event Schedule] September 2017
Posted on 2017-08-25 10:00:00.0
*All times below are based on OGP Launcher time (PST, GMT -8), you may see it at the left bottom corner of OGP Launcher. 

1. Epic Sea Feud 

Round 1 (Friday): September 1st, 8PM-11PM 
Round 2 (Saturday): September 2nd, 12PM-3PM 
Round 3 (Sunday): September 3rd, 6AM-9AM 

Aggressor Nation 
Spain + Portugal + Ottoman 

Defender Nation 
France + England 

Target City 

Aggressor Nation Voting 
-> August 26th, 11:00PM 

Allied Nation Voting 
August 26th, 11:00PM -> August 30th, 4:00PM

See Detailed Epic Sea Feud Guide 

See how Mercenary System works 

- ESF Quest may be taken from the primary Aggressor or Defender Nation’s home port palace, or territory/allied town officials, starting 6 hours prior to the beginning of each round. 
- Historical ESF might be automatically triggered due to a Historical Event if the World Clock lands on a period that triggers ESF after fourth Thursday of each odd number month. 


The following actions are considered to be exploitation of game mechanics and are NOT allowed. Warn and report to Helpdesk with SCREENSHOTS if you see anyone doing it. Action will be recorded as a violation and possibly result in suspension depending on severity: 
1. Alt Farming. Repeatedly attack and sink own alts (or a friend who acting the same as an alt) to gain points. 
2. Ship Swapping. When there are immediate enemy player fleets nearby capable of attacking, switching a docked alt/fleet member ship size while the fleet is participating in ESF activities (eg. Hunting NPC fleets) to lose the ESF battle status and avoid fighting incoming enemy fleets, then switching back after enemy leaves. 

The following are considered to be valid ESF tactics and are allowed: 
1. Switching ship size in a port and sail away to another port then switch back to avoid enemy blockading a port. 
2. Sail away from enemy fleets, in the case of unable to do so, disband/leave fleet and regroup in a nearby port to avoid attacks. 

2. Academy Debate 

Erasmus Cup (Amsterdam) 
September 9th, Saturday: 5PM to 7:30PM
*100 points or below debate deck. 

Gesualdo Cup (Naples) 
September 10th, Sunday: 10AM-12:30PM 

*150 points or below debate deck.

[Event Description] 
Event designed for adventurers. Check with Adventure Guild Master to see the location and points for next Academy Debate. Take debate quest from the Adventure Guild Master in the designated city when the time comes. 
During this period, players participating will need to construct a Debate deck composed of 30 discovery cards they have according to the maximum allowed combined value of each debate. 
Each player may take the quest from adventure quest mediator and debate with other players for a maximum of 15 times during the event. 
Top 5 players with the most wins will have their names recorded in the adventure guild. 

See Academy Debate Guide 

3. Ship Race 
Race 1: September 7th-13th 
To Be Determined 

Race 2: September 21st-27th 
To Be Determined 

*Detailed locations will be announced in game with rotating message. 

[Event Description] 
Ship race is a time trial against other players. Player start the race by talking to the starting city’s Port official and choose Race Information button. Once race starts, player will need to get to the destination city as soon as possible and talk to the port official there. The time elapsed are used as their ship race record. Player may check the top 10 racer’s record from the starting city’s port official. 

4. Battle Campaign 

September 7th, 3PM - 23rd, 3PM

Players may take Battle Campaign Transport from any city’s Dock to join. 
Talk to the Officer there to create or join a mission, then talk to the officer again and select Mission info, and finish preparation to wait for it to start. 

[Event Description] 
Take Battle Campaign Transport from any dock to join. BC with GM event is usually hold every month on the first Friday after BC opens. 
The Battle Campaign system is similar to the PvP Arena system in other games, using a Deathmatch form where players respawn at base after being sunk. It only has minor effects on port influences and can be accessed from any port’s dock by Transport Ship button. It allows player to create customized mission rooms with different settings for ship size, level and skills. Each room requires at least 2 players on each side to begin battle and can hold a maximum of 10 players on each side fighting against each other (a total of 20 players in one mission). Each round has a time limit of 15 minutes, and whichever team reaches above 50 points first or has the highest score when time limit has reached wins. 

During battle, the Durability of your Ship Parts and Character Equipment will no longer decrease!

Players cannot be plundered in BC, so they will not lose money, item, equipment or fame to opponent players. Ships will not lose maximum durability in BC as they will be restored to the original value after each battle. 

5. Next Historical Event 

September 28th, 9:00PM

World Clock shifts to a new period on the fourth Thursday, at 9:00PM every TWO months. Unique historical event will automatically happen after the change depending on the period the World Clock lands on, and a new list of Ganador bosses will appear. 

6. Great Investment Battle 

None Scheduled. It might be triggered by historical event automatically. When it triggers, it will start at 7PM OGP Time of specified days. In addition, it's possible for this to trigger automatically if conditions meet due to player actions. 7 days must have passed since the previous one. We will leave this open to players. 

[Event Description] 
Great investment battles allow players from all nations to invest in a town to compete for its ownership and gaining patriot awards in the process. Players may take the quest and withdraw money from any town's bank other than the target town, then sail to the target town and invest then repeat the process.