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All TRUE Announcements
Posted on 2016-03-31 17:00:00.0
Guess Which One Is the April Fool’s Joke! 

Today, we have several exciting announcements for UWO players! But are they too good to be true? Pick out the joke in our updates, or you might end up looking like a Fool! 

1. Minor update [Ursa Minor] will be released on April 7th 
Look out, Adventurers! In this small update, 9 new quests and 4 new maps, leading to a total of 13 Astronomy discoveries, will be added. 

2. Course Navigation (Auto Sailing) will be free by the end of May 
Currently, there is an auto-sailing function in-game called Course Navigation. However, only a few players are able to use it, because it requires an Astro item called Task Navigation permit. 
We’ve been thinking; Although function is still slower than manual sailing, it would be such a game changer if our players could just sail around without having to be in front of computer the entire time! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone can just use this function without having to buy the Task Navigation Permit from the Astro shop? So we suggested this change to KOEI, and this time they approved it! They have agreed to replace the required item for using the Course Navigation function with Tow Permits, which you can get from the Port Official each day for a very small cost in Ducat! 
Task Navigation Permit will be removed from the Astro Shop within the next week. For approximately a month and half, there will be no way to get new Task Navigation Permits, and you will not be able to use the Course Navigation function unless you have them. The item change will take place at the end of May. Please use up all Task Navigation Permits you have before the change, or recycle them if you won them in the past bottles and they are still in your Captain’s Chest. They will not be of any use after that, and there will be no replacement for any unused ones. 
Finally, the name Course Navigation will be changed to Auto Navigation, for clarification. 

3. Ridiculously Long Epic Sea Feud 
Didn’t get the chance to join the most recent Historical Epic Sea Feud due to the times? Join this one instead! The location is set around Canary and Madeira with only 3 ports. Just fight for fun! 
There is a twist to this one, too. Only have heavy ships? Feel heavy rounds are too short for normal ESF? No problem this time, because this will be our FIRST official Ridiculously Long Epic Sea Feud!! Each round will last 6 hours - that’s 2 hours each for light, standard, and heavy ship stages. You are recommended to join half way through to play standard, or just come before the Heavy round. That’s 1 hour fighting in standard ship, and 2 hours of fighting in heavy ships. If you want to do a marathon and play all 6 hours, you are welcome to challenge yourself, too!* 
Round 1: April 8th, 5PM-11PM 
Round 2: April 9th, 9AM -3PM 
Round 3: April 10th, 4AM-10AM 
Team: Portugal + England + Ottoman + France VS Spain + Netherlands + Venice 
For the Portugal side, you can gather your fleets and take the ESF quest from Madeira. For the Spain side, gather your fleets and take the ESF quest from Seville. 
*We take no responsibility for bodily injury or broken keyboards due to prolonged sea warfare. 

4. World Chat Anarchy Hours 
Tired of having your raunchy jokes censored? Feeling the pinch on your poetic license? Well, on April 1st, between 1PM – 5PM, all inappropriate language offenses (swearing, cursing, explicit content, etc.) done in World Chat will NOT be regulated. If you do not wish to participate, please select Community -> World Chat Setting -> Not Needed. 
PS: Inappropriate language in School Chat/Shout, and harassment or hate speech towards groups or individuals will still result in normal course of action taken. 

5. April Fool’s Day Trivia 
A GM will host a special April Fool’s Day trivia on April Fool’s Day, starting at 5:00PM. 10 questions total, and winners will be drawn from the first 5 correct responders for each question. 100 Million per winner. 

Click this link to vote which announcement you think is the April Fool’s joke! 
We will announce what the joke is around 5:40PM on April Fool’s Day.