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We have updated our Premium Sailor's Bottle, including Custom Ottoman Galleass, Festival Norske Love and more!

We are going to have maintenance on September 11 @ 2PM OGP Time. The maintenance is expected to be 4 hours long. 

We're currently experiencing network issues. [Posted OGP Time Sep.9 03:12PM(PT)]

New items and price changes in the cash shop!

There will be a brief server maintenance for all OGPlanet games @ 00:00 PST / 03:00 ET and is expected to last approximately 1.5 hours. Server maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.

September Events! Aug 28, 2014

Keep up to date with our latest game events, this month we have awesome events such as Attendance Event, King Spender Event and more! 

1. Daily Log in Item give away event 2. Bonus Quest Reward event 3. 1.5X Experience, Skill Proficiency, Fame week (Sept 1 - Sept 8th)

Chapter 4 Update Note Aug 28, 2014

Uncharted Waters Online 2nd Age Chapter 4 is here!

CHAPTER 4 is just around the corner! UWO will be undergoing maintenance on August 27th, beginning at 10:00 PM OGP Time (PT). 

In preparation of of 30% OFF Sales Event, the servers will be down for a couple of hours today. The 30% OFF Sales Event will run from AUG 20th ~ SEPT 4th. See inside for details on how much you can save!

UWO has implemented a new policy regarding lending and trading items to other players in game. 

 New items have been added to Premium Sailor's Bottles.

The maintenance should last for approximately 4 hours.

UWO team will allow you to decide what GM events we are going to do in August. Simply vote for your favorite GM Events that you want GMs host in August. 

Fleet up and tour the world!

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