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Partially, users might have encountered an ‘IP Blocked’ error message on the Billing and forum pages. The issue is resolved now. If you still have the same issue please contact us. [Click for more details]

Beer and Cannonballs Jan 23, 2015

Check out details about the upcoming Super Cannonball Run event!  You'll also have twice the probability of earning some of the bonus prizes when purchasing a Sailor's Bottle!

*Completed* On Jan 23rd at 10 AM (OGP Time), GAMA server will be down for the maintenance. The estimated downtime is 2 hours. Thank you! 

*Completed*There will be an OGP Wide Web Server Maintenance on the January 21st at 5pm (OGP/Pacific Time).

A Week of Prosperity Jan 16, 2015

For one week, beginning January 16th, spice prices will be fluctuating throughout Europe! Check out the details to reap the benefits!

The maintenance is complete, and all servers are open. Click here to see the brief of the update & gifting information.

Guides and Rides Jan 09, 2015

Contribute to the UWO Guide Fair and win some great prizes! We're also celebrating the new year with a new Sailor's Bottle and some fantastic spender rewards!

New Year Events Dec 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Before we close 2014, there are fireworks, New Year count down, and Trivia Event in Lisbon on New Year's Eve! Check out more details here

Uncharted Water's Boxing Day Sale is Live! - for 3 days only. Come and find out what's on sale now~!

We have completed our server maintenance, and all servers are open now! Come and join the Boxing day events!

We have finished maintenance and server has been updated with "Sea of Midnight Sun" patch!

Uncharted Waters Online has advanced to a new level! Check out all the events for the holidays and changes that the 2nd age's last episode brings in!

Thank you for the waiting. The maintenance work is complete and all servers are now open. See you in-game!

The premium Sailor’s Bottle has been updated for the holidays! Click here and check out what’s new + gifting information you have waited for.

Maintenance finished, server's open. Premium Sailor's Bottle has been updated.

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