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Going Into Summer May 27, 2015

A closer look at Captain's Chest and Recycle System!

UWO’s GAMA server is open now. Click the poster below for more information

It's a new season of Sailor's Bottle! Check out its modified version and added features!!

..and your house cleaning day event! Click here to see all the details

Happy Mother's Day May 06, 2015

Check out the updated Premium Sailor's Bottle with 100% bonus prize chance for two weeks! There's also plenty of events happening, including a new login event!

Server maintenance is complete, the server is now open.

Best of the Crest Apr 29, 2015

Want to create a crest for your ship? Enter the Crest Design Contest for your chance to have your design put into the game!

Check out the new UWO Community Twitter account, updated Mystery Sailor's Bottle and Astro Shop, and plenty of current and upcoming events!

Server maintenance, scheduled on April 22nd, 2:00PM. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

New payment methods are now available for our global userbase!

Extreme North Sea Apr 16, 2015

We’ve applied the new episode of Gran Atlas Chapter 1 today, along with 1.5x Skill proficiency boost! Check out the full patch notes here. Also, Premium Ticket has finally been updated, almost 1 year after its first appearance on GAMA.

Maintenance completed

Check out the updated "Extremium" Bottle and a couple of upcoming events!

Routine Server Maintenance. Estimated downtime is 2 hours - Please see an upcoming poster for more details.

Feed your nostalgia and increase the realism with the latest update!

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