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Spring 2014 is Here! Apr 16, 2014

Springtime is here! But not for Lisbon... Let's do something about it!

Scheduled maintenance on April 16 @ 3PM OGP TIME (PT). *Complete*

MVPs of BC! Apr 11, 2014

Become a hero and receive prizes!

Compete for the fastest times and the highest scores!

Weekly Login Event! Apr 04, 2014

Play for 4 days of an event week, and choose your reward!

Challenge a GM! Apr 04, 2014

Defeat a GM in battle to claim rewards!

New Sailor's Bottles have been released. Check out the exclusive items!

Don't miss this opportunity! The more bottles you purchase, the more rare the items you can win! Event closes on April 23 (PT)

Upload screenshots for a chance to win a Modified Special Frigate! Event closes on April 13 (PT)

See our forum post and Facebook for details!

The servers are going down for scheduled maintenance on April 3 @ 2PM OGP TIME(PT) Maintenance has been rescheduled, so players have an extra day to take advantage of the 2x EXP event!

Limited edition item giveaway with clearance sale purchases! Event closes on April 9 (PT)

It is Thursday!!! Let’s enjoy the TGIF event in advance!!!

Get ready for a new chapter! The servers are going down for maintenance on March 26 @ 10 PM OGP TIME (PT)

 Be ready for the 2x EXP event to start right after the new update of Chapter 2 on 27th March!

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