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November 2nd, 1:30 AM - 2:00 AM (After time change)

Hallowe'en in 2014 Oct 29, 2014

Get spooked in Serville this Halloween with 'Live Costume Show' and 'Trick or Treat'! Check out the prizes and more detail!

Shangri-la has descended onto our world tonight. None but the best adventurers can find all its secrets and treasures!  Click here to see update and events details.

We will have the scheduled maintenance on Oct. 22nd @ 8:00 PM (OGP Time) for "Shangri-la".  Stay tuned for the upcoming posters for more details.

Sailor's Bottle Update Oct 09, 2014

Premium Sailor's Bottle content has been updated!

There will be two separate server maintenance on October 9th, 3AM and 2PM OGP Time (PT)

Steam DLC packs are available for purchase in Astro Shop directly now. Three of the four packs contain an Astro Ship.

Uncharted Waters Online is officially open to Steam users!