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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Check out the new Premium Bottle. Don't miss the themed trivia after maintenance and Find Transformed GM event next week.

Routine Maintenance 9/15, 1:30-4:00PM

Open a certain amount of Sailor's Bottle from 9/7 - 9/14 and get FREE bonus rewards.

Last chance to join the August 27th Fleet Ship Battle Tournament. Check out the new ships in Mystery bottle and Ambush Victory in Recycle. New Alchemy Special Purchase Bond and Beginner's Alchemist job card is now available from in game Astro Shop.

Routine Maintenance 8/25, 2-4PM

Check out the new Premium Bottle and the detailed information webpage explaining all the new features in Barca Solar. Don’t miss all the events coming up in the next three weeks!

Server maintenance to apply a new update patch, Episode Atlantis Chapter 2: Barca Solar. 6PM-11PM

One of the most anticipated Chapter expansion is coming! Check out the new Mystery Bottle and Ship Raffle.