Ahoy Captains,

We are saddened to announce that OGPlanet’s support of Uncharted Waters Online will be concluding on September 29th, 2017.

Our team greatly appreciates all of the community’s support and contributions over the past nearly 4 years, and we will all miss sailing the seas with you.

(The in-game shop and Sailor’s Bottle will be inaccessible on September 28th, 2017.)

Shortly after OGPlanet’s support concludes, UWO will be relaunching through Papaya Play. You can find Papaya Play’s announcement here:


Thank you all again for the past few years, and we wish you fair winds and smooth sailing in your future adventures.

* For those who wish to get a refund of Astros, please do so by contacting your bank.

- UWO Team

Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Part1 American Transcontinental Railway

The Industrial Revolution wave has finally arrived in North America! A railway which connects the east side of the continent with the west is now ready!


American Transcontinental Railway, Now Open!

The railway which connects the east side of the North American Continent with the west side, will eventually be called the "American Transcontinental Railway". With the birth of this railway, the traffic within the North American continent will increase. This will shorten the time required when traveling to the western cities such as San Francisco as well as greatly assist the transportation of Trade Goods.


You can now use these railway routes to transport Trade Goods from East Asia to Europe, instead of taking the westbound sea route. If you include the Railway within your trade routes, perhaps you may be able to increase your profits?

Invest in the Railway Company!

Many companies took part in the creation of the American Transcontinental Railway, causing an intense struggle of shares. You can invest into a company of your choice and receive various Investment Effects based off of the total amount invested.


Investment Effects include things such as an increase in the amount of Gold Nugget Appraisal in San Francisco, additional railway destinations, and an increase in the amount of transportable Trade Goods by railway. You can also invest in multiple companies too!

Changes in North America Due to Railway

With the opening of the Railways, there has been an increase in the flow of people; various travelers whom are rarely seen have begun to appear in North American cities. You can purchase valuable items from them or use Recipes. Also, the usage of the Railway may cause various effects to all of North America.


As you continue to make use of the Railway, there will be "Special Thanksgiving Festivals". During this period, the Investment Effects from Railway companies will increase as well as events such as "Railway Festival" and "Gold Vein Discovery" may occur.

Visit the New Cities of North America

Along with the opening of the American Transcontinental Railway, you can now visit new cities in North America such as "Boston", known as the center of the East Coast or the new emerging railway cities, "Omaha" and "Sacramento". Also, you can now visit new land areas such as the "Niagara River Basin" with a great waterfall or the snow-covered "Rocky Mountains". A new journey awaits in these new lands.


Battle Campaign Updates & New Feature

Battle Campaign Updates

  • - During battle, the Durability of your Ship Parts and Character Equipment will no longer decrease.
  • - With the addition of 'Patriot Awards', you can now obtain special reward items based on the points you've obtained.
  • - You can now change the Mission Duration within the Mission Options. You can choose from 15, 20, and 30 minutes.
  • - Participants who have completed their battle preparations will have an icon displayed left of their name.
  • - You can now obtain a new title based on the amount of cumulative victories.
  • - You can now access your Dock through the Port Official at the Mission HQ.

New Effects of Ballistics Skill and Accuracy Skill

Based on the of the Ballistics and Accuracy Skills, the hit rate of the Gatling Gun and Flamethrowers will be increased, while their Durability decrease rate will be relaxed.