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Account Info
I can't remember my password.
If you have forgotten your OGPlanet Password, please head over to https://id.ogplanet.com/account/find/form.og and submit they e-mail and User ID tied to your account.

Once verified, a temporary password will be sent to the registered e-mail.
I can’t remember my secret question/answer
If you forgot you secret question and answer, please login into your account and go to the helpdesk link provide below.
I can’t remember my OGPlanet ID
If you have forgotten your OGPlanet ID, please head over to https://id.ogplanet.com/account/find/form.og and submit the e-mail address tied to your account.
Once your registered e-mail address is verified, your OGPlanet ID will be sent to your registered e-mail.
I have a billing problem
If you have billing related issue, please send our billing team a Help Desk inquiry. http://www.ogplanet.com/helpdesk/billing.og
Please be reminded that your issue can be resolved if you can provide detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.
Where can I find OGPlanet’s Rules and Guidelines?
General Rules and Guidelines are listed on the support page (http://www.ogplanet.com/support/guidelines.og).
Please be aware that these rules are strictly enforced.
I think someone may have access to my account.
The best practice to protect your account/personal information is to update your password and security question regularly.
The second best practice to protect your account/personal information is to keep your log in information absolutely confidential.

However, if you feel your log in information is leaked, feel free to send Help Desk a ticket about your concern.

Please remember that OGPLANET, GAME MASTERS and ADVISORS will NEVER ask for your password.
What are Astros?
Astros are the currency of OGPlanet and are purchased using real currency, or earned by participating in free offers. You can use Astros to purchase items in the cash shop.
How can I get Astros?
How can I get Astros?
Astros can be purchased through the Get Astros tab on the main OGPlanet website, or by clicking the ‘Get Astros’ button in-game. Fee Astros can also be earned by completing offers at http://free.ogplanet.com/info.og
How do I report a player for harassment?
If you feel that you are badly treated by another player, you can submit a Help Desk ticket about your concerns.

Please be reminded that your report MUST include CLEAR EVIDENCE to support your claim, such as a screenshot.
What is Level/Fame?
Level and fame are major values that show how much your character has grown. Uncharted Waters Online is slightly different from other MMORPGs in that there are three different types of level and fame.
The types of level include Adventure Level, Trade Level, and Battle Level as well as Fame, and adventure, trade, and battle points can be earned by completing quests and doing other related activities within Uncharted Waters Online.
Your level and fame points affect various areas of game playing including the number of quests, events, and requirements for learning skills.
I can't recruit sailors?
After recruiting a certain number of sailors, you must move to another town or keep sailing for a while before you can recruit more.
Also, you can buy a customer, merchant, or seafarer a drink at the bar to recruit more sailors at a certain success rate.
What is the difference between Quests and events?
There are both quests and events in Uncharted Waters Online.

Quests given by NPCs such as [Request Broker] can be chosen by players to earn rewards and experience points. The quest currently in progress can be checked in [Journal ->Quest].

Events are a part of the main story of Uncharted Waters Online, and they automatically appear when you meet certain conditions.

You can obtain a Port Permit in an event, so you must participate in the events whenever possible. You can check information on the event currently in progress as well as the events you have already completed.
Please tell me about banking
Just like in the real world, there are banks in Uncharted Waters Online where you can open an account or buy an insurance.

There are bankers in each of the banks, and they perform the three following tasks.

*Deposit - You can deposit ducats (currency used in Uncharted Waters Online) in the bank. You'll receive 0.5% interest for your total deposit after a certain period of time. (A deposit of 1 million ducats will give you an interest of 5,000 ducats.)

*Withdrawal – You can withdraw ducats you have deposited in the bank in the amount you need.

*Insurance - You’ll be insured for the loss of a certain amount caused by a shipwreck and defeated battle in the ocean/land. (However, losses from a PVP battle such as PK can't be insured.) The insurance coverage and maximum compensation differ according to the insurance rating.

*Rental Safe - This is a type of storage where you're given three slots of rental safe from the rank of Lower 8th Knight, and you'll receive one more slot for each additional rank.

*Receive Items – This is used when you receive items delivered to you.

*Quarters Info - You can check the list of items stored in a Quarters and the number of visitors. You can set the Quarters type and increase the ‘Redesign Degree’.
I want to improve the performance of my ship.
Buy shipbuilding materials from the NPCs at the shipyard in a city such as the Shipyard Master, Shipwright, Weaponsmith, Sailmaker, and Carpenter, and use them to improve the performance of your ship.
① Shipyard Master – Build original ship.
② Shipwright – Modify and manufacture ships.
③ Weaponsmith – Buy and manufacture cannons and special equipment.
④ Sailmaker – Buy and manufacture studding sail.
⑤ Carpenter – Buy and manufacture extra armor.
What are the system requirements for this game?
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2 and above
Processor: CPU Pentium3-800MHz or above
Memory: 256MB or above
Hard Drive: 1GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or above (VRAM : 32MB or above)
Sound: 16 bit stereo 44KHz WAVE compatible sound card
Display: 800x600 or above, High Color display
Network: 1M bps or above
What are the shortcut keys?

F8 – Opens the emoticon window.
F9 – Opens the skill window.
F10 – Opens the item window.
F11 – Opens the setting window.
F12 – Opens the Exit Game window.

W – Move towards the camera (Land).
S – Move to the opposite direction from the camera (Land).
D – Rotate the camera’s point of view clockwise. / Turn the ship to the right (Ocean).
A – Rotate the camera’s point of view counterclockwise. / Turn the ship to the left (Ocean).
Ctrl+W – Point the camera up.
Ctrl+S – Point the camera down.
Ctrl+D – Point the camera to the right.
Ctrl+A – Point the camera to the left.

Enter – Activate the chat window.
R – Send a reply in Tell (whisper) mode.
U – Whisper to the player who used Open Conversation or Shout in Tell (whisper) mode.
Y – Whisper to the player you have selected in Tell (whisper) mode.
F – Change the chat mode to ‘Say’.
J – Change the chat mode to ‘Party’.
H – Type /Shout. You can start shouting.
Ctrl+H – Shout within a nation.
G – Change the chat mode to ‘Company’.
Ctrl+1,2,3,...- Change the chat mode to Chat Room with a designated number.
Ctrl+Tab – Switch the chat mode.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Select a target in front of you.

Esc - Cancel / Show NPCs only.
(Use this when you can’t see the NPCs because there are too many players.)
Tab – Change the target. / Move the target cursor. Also press the Shift key on your keyboard to reverse the direction.
Home – Point the camera to the front.
Page Up – Zoom in with a key.
Page Down – Zoom out with a key.
Enter – Enter a message in the chat box. Retrieve detailed information on the target.
Space – Start firing (Ocean).
↑↓ - Display the messages you have entered (Chat Box).

C – Character Data
X – Skills
V – Ship Info
B – Ship Parts
N – Cargo
M – Entry Permit
V – Ship Info
Q – Quest
I – Equipment
T – Discoveries
E – Event History
P – Chat Room
L - Friends List
Z – Search
~ - Open/close the Custom Slots