Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Part2 Immigration Attraction

As the Industrial Revolution wave develops North America, it is attracting more attention from all over the world. Accept those who carry dreams of creating a name for themselves in the New World as immigrants and develop your Company Colony!


American Transcontinental Railway, Now Open!

With the introduction of Chapter 2, there are new Immigration Attraction Quests. By completing these Quests, you can attract immigrants to your Company Colony.


Immigration Attraction Quests are available at the Company Administration Office as well as the Company Colony. The Quests include various tasks such as area investigations and material gathering support.

Depending on the number of immigrants you have attracted, the available features of the Company Colony increase and the variety of Trade Goods available improves. These effects will change depending on the ratio of immigrant types in your Company Colony. Also, you can increase the population of your Company Colony, and be able to build new facilities.


By attracting more immigrants, various NPCs will appear in the Company Colony. You'll be able obtain new items through interacting with them.

When an Immigration Attraction Quest report is submitted together with other Fleet members of the same Company, you are able to attract more immigrants. Cooperate with other Company members and attract more immigrants to your Company!

Company Colony Function Expansion

Among the facilities that can be built within the Company Colony, Shipyard (3) has now been added. In addition, the following support functions have also been introduced:

  • - You can now rearrange buildings that have already been constructed.
  • - You can now display a map of the inside of your Company Colony.

With Shipyard (3), the success rate of Ship Rebuild will be increased while the required fees are decreased.

Additional Company Functions

Together with the development of the Company Colony, the Company now has additional functions and improvements!

Company Shared Storage

A storage shared between all Company members has been added. Items can be stored through the Company Administration Office of the city where the Company originates from.


Depositing can be done by all Company members. Withdrawing and Discarding can only be done by the Director, the Deputy Director, or members that have been giving the ability to do so by the Director.

Company Cap Increase ( 8 → 10)

The maximum for Authorized Company has increased from 8 to 10 and new benefits have been released as well.


Companies without Company Houses can now make use of the "Company Room". It can be accessed through the Company Information window of the Company Administration Office .

Introducing New Ship Types Which Shined During the Industrial Revolution!

With Chapter 2, 3 new ship types have been introduced.


New Ship Parts and Character Equipment Added!

New ship parts and character equipment obtainable in Industrial Revolution cities and Company Colonies have arrived!

Gatling Guns and Flamethrowers with Special Effects

There are now Gatling Guns and Flamethrowers with additional special effects which can weaken enemy ships.


These effects include Reloading Hindering and Melee Battle Hindering. Please note that there are ship size restrictions for using these ship parts.

New Character Equipment