Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

New Discoveries & New Features

A new category of Discoveries titled "Weather/Phenomena" has been released. Also, check out the new Discovery Quests and Discovery Maps as well as new functions that will make your UWO life easier!

Unravel the Secrets of Various Phenomena

Unlike other ordinary Discoveries that you can make based on clues you acquire through Quests or from Maps, when you arrive at a certain location under certain conditions, a large scale natural phenomenon may occur in front of your eyes!

Report New Discoveries

Report your Weather/Phenomena Discoveries to Robert Boyle at the Oxford College to receive special rewards!

New Adventure Quests and Maps

New Adventure Quests
New Discovery Maps

New Features!

Automatic Sailing & Increased Sailing Speed

Once you have decided which direction to sail on sea, Automatic Sailing will immediately begin. This eliminates the need to operate the sail in accordance to the wind. With this, the effects of the Sail Handling Skill will now be changed to "Ship Speed Increased". In addition to this, the limits on Ship Speed have been partially modified as well.

Instantly Transport to Port

When selecting the Port on the enlarged map within a city, you will now be immediately transported to the Port, shortening the time required to departure.

Adventures on Land Now Made Easier

If a Land has already been investigated, you can now select objects shown on the map and be automatically transported to the object's location. This function does not work for certain objects.

Level Cap Increase

Each job's level cap will increase to lvl85! If one of your levels is 75 or higher, you can try reaching lvl 85 by talking to someone in Frankfurt.

Ship Durability Increase

For some of the existing ships, the base Durability will increase! Try using Craftsman's Carpentry Tools to see if your ship's Durability has been increased.

Equipment Attack and Defense Power/Cannon Piercing Power

You can improve your Equipment and Cannons even further!

  • Equipment Attack/Defense Power: up to + 25
  • Cannon Piecing Power: up to +10 per gunport
New Oxford Skill

A new College Skill, Efficient Ship Construction, will be added! The required time for shipbuilding will be half if this Skill is in use.

More Benefits to Forming a Fleet

From Chapter 1 and onwards, the following benefits to forming a Fleet has been added.

  • Ship speed is increased by 5%.
  • Number of "Purchase Orders" gained may increase through selling Local Specialties Combos.
  • During naval or land battles with NPCs, it becomes more difficult to become Fainted condition under certain conditions.
  • The effective range of some of the Skills shared within a Fleet will be increased (except when finding Discoveries).
Item Protection Function

A new function to help prevent items from being mistakenly discarded has been be added.