Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Aide Fleet & Unions

Up until this point, players have challenged the sea with the help of Companies and Guilds. Now, players will have even more support with the addition of "Aide Fleet" from Companies and "Union" from Guilds.

Dispatch Your Aide Fleet and Help Your Aides Grow

Companies are now able to dispatch an Aide Fleet to different places around the world. An Aide Fleet is formed with various Aides of Company members. By dispatching Aide Fleets, the Aides will grow, and everything obtained from the dispatch location will be accumulated as Regional Contribution at the Company Administration Office.

How to Dispatch a Aide Fleet

You can instruct your Aide Fleet through the Company Administration Office. The Aide Fleet operates on a monthly basis according to the cycle in the table below.

image image

The first Participation Notice will begin on May 1, 2017 at 8:00PM. (Server Time)

Activities of the Aide Fleet

The Aide Fleet will conduct various adventure, trade, maritime activities, as well as interregional exchanges and investigations at the dispatch location and depending on the results of these activities, players can earn "Regional Contribution."


Activity Reports are updated at the Company at 8PM everyday during the Activities Period.

Benefits of Dispatching an Aide Fleet

Depending on the success of the Aide Fleet, Aides and Companies can obtain the following benefits:

  • The Aide who was a part of the Aide Fleet will grow.
  • You will be able to use the Production Recipes from the dispatch region.
  • You will be exempt from the deliveries for Company Competitions.
  • Contribution you can gain through Company Competitions may increase according to the Regional Contribution gained.

Join a Union and Receive Support!

Now introducing an organization which works under Guilds, known as "Unions." Being a member of "Unions" that suit your own interest, you can gain Cultural Contribution, Industrial Contribution, and Roman Coins through your daily activities. You can make use of the Contribution and Roman Coins at the Guild Shop.

Union Types
Gather Contribution and Roman Coins

Exchange items at the Guild Shop with your Contribution and Roman Coins. It's a great chance for obtaining rare and valuable items.

“Fleet Recruitment Bulletin Board" Only Available For Union Members

There is now a “Fleet Recruitment Bulletin Board” available for Union members at and around every Guild. Union members who wish to recruit Fleet members can do so under the "Recruit" button in the same way as previously. However, the information can be posted on the Fleet Recruitment Bulletin Board to be read by other Union members. On the other hand, members who wish to join a Fleet can browse the Fleet Recruitment Bulletin Board and join Fleets that suit their objectives and play styles. Once their application is accepted by the recruiter, those members will be able to join the Fleet from anywhere in the world!