Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Modern Firearms & Steam Engine

The Industrial Revolution doesn't just bring in a wave of change for cities, but it also affects the weapons and ships used by voyagers. In accordance with this, new battle styles and Production methods have surfaced!

A New Way of Battling with Modern Firearms!

There are now new weapons available for ships and voyagers that can only be produced through the use of Factories in an Industrial Revolution city.

Changes in Sea Battles!

The "Special Equipment" slots will be used for these modern firearms. You cannot equip Gatling Gun and Flamethrower at the same time.

Changes in Land Battles!

New Ships Boasting the Best Performance within its Class!

With the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, ships have evolved as well. Ships boasting the highest performance will be released!


A New Engine that Uses Steam Pressure

In Chapter 1, by assembling special items that can be only produced in Factories at an Industrial Revolution city, a Steam Engine can be installed as a Ship Original Skill on the ship. Ships with the Steam Engine installed will have increased Sailing Speed and Turn Speed!


Obtain Modern Firearms and Steam Engine Components

Modern firearms and Steam Engine components can be produced at the Blast Furnace in Casting Workshops within Factories of Industrial Revolution cities. However, Production requires materials such as special metal and steel which can only be obtained through the Industrial Revolution.