Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Industrial Revolution City

Thanks to all the active voyagers, the world has achieved unprecedented development. And with this, never before seen "Industrial Revolution Cities" may appear at various locations!

Time For "Industrial Revolution" in Western Europe!

With the descent of "Age of Revolution" Chapter 1, various Western European cities may experience "Industrial Revolution". Followed by the Industrial Revolution, a specific city of each country will be changed to an "Industrial Revolution City".

The Actions of Voyagers Create the Industrial Revolution

All adventure, trade, and battle activities from voyagers help progress the technology of their nations. Once the "Technology Development" of a country exceeds a certain degree, an Industrial Revolution will occur in that nation.


The status of the Industrial Revolution and Technology Development can be confirmed by checking the "Nation Status" at a Mediator NPC.

Continuation and Suspension of the Industrial Revolution

Once an Industrial Revolution occurs, it will last for a duration of 3 days in real time. But, every 3 days, after checking the level of Technology Development in each city, the Industrial Revolution will either continue or come to a halt.

Benefits of the Industrial Revolution

When an Industrial Revolution occurs within your own nation, you gain the following benefits:

  • Special Recipes will be available only in your own nation.
  • During Production, 1 of the required Skills can be omitted. In addition, another Skill may be up to 2 ranks lower than the originally required rank for Production (However, the Skill must still be a minimum of rank 1).
  • When you lack a required Trade Goods for Production, you are still able to undergo Production by paying an equivalent cost for the missing material through the [Use Goods] function.

For Ottoman players, their original home nation will be considered to be the nation where the Industrial Revolution occurs.

In addition, within each Industrial Revolution city, there are Factory Facilities for you to use for Production with specially designated Recipes. The higher the degree of Technology Development, the more Recipes will become available. With this, you can produce components for the Steam Engine, new modern equipment and ship parts, that will greatly change the activities of voyagers!


New Products During an Industrial Revolution

Here are some of the items that can be produced at a city having an Industrial Revolution.


New City: "Manchester"

The city where the Industrial Revolution all started, Manchester is now available for players! Unlike other cities where the Industrial Revolution occurs based on the level of Technology Development, Manchester is always in the status of an Industrial Revolution, so that Factory and specialized Recipes can be used by all players at all times.