Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Sea Rigion Battle

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Have you tried to train battle levels and skills, but given up because of the long amount of time required and small rewards? The solution is here. Now it's easier than ever to train and join the league of elite battle players!

You are now able to accept "Battle Report" type quests from Maritime Mediators. The quest will ask you to continuously sink ships with no nation flag within a designated nearby sea region. Check ports like Santo Domingo, Calicut, Jakarta, Hangzhou etc. when you decide to train maritime levels and skills in the nearby sea region.

You may report your completion of the quest after sinking only 1 ship, but you can also continue to sink up to 200 ships. The more ships you sink, the more experience, fame, and ducats will be rewarded when you report in.

Try to sink 200 ships before reporting in for maximum rewards. The number is counted based on individual ships, so try to sink all ships in a fleet before sinking the admiral. You can also fleet with a friend within 10 levels difference, and share the quest and battle together. The sunken ship count is shared for all players in the same fleet who joined the battle, regardless of who fired the last shot. Make sure to utilize this new feature and your battle training will be faster, and more fun and rewarding!

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