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1. New City San Francisco and New Wild West Story Quests


The Wild West expansion brings two new cities to the west coast of North America, San Francisco and Tacoma. San Francisco is the main city and you can gain entrance by doing the first quest, “Searching further for a New World”, of the exciting new Wild West story quests chain. After you have acquired the East Asia port permit and finished charting the North Sea, talk to Mercator in Amsterdam about the World Atlas to obtain the West Coast of North America port permit.


A new Wild West story quest chain has been added to the game. Just like nation story quests, these quests are more cinematic and tell great stories, be sure not to miss them. They must be done in sequence.

  • 1. Searching further for a New World

    Marseille, Adventurers’ Guild, French, North American Languages, 10000+ Adventure Fame, finished charting the Ligurian Sea, and have West Coast of North America permit. This quest is required to gain entrance to San Francisco.

  • 2. Days in San Francisco

    Marseille, Adventurers’ Guild, North American Languages, 10000+ Adventure Fame.

  • 3. The Efforts of the Development Leader

    Marseille, Merchants' Guild, French, English, 10000+ Trade Fame.

  • 4. A Scribbled Letter of Request

    Santo Domingo, Adventurers’ Guild, Spanish, North American languages, 10000+ Adventure Fame, finished charting Antilles.