Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Astronomy Skill And Astronomer Job


With the Astronomy skill, you will be able to understand the physics of celestial objects and unlock more discoveries on the sea.

However, not everyone can learn this skill.

You need to get the Astronomer job from the Adventurer Guild.


Introduction to Astronomy – 5 Stars

St. Petersburg – Adventurers’ Guild

HRequirement: German, Italian, Adventure fame > 10000, Notoriety < 10000

Required Discovery: Cheomseongdae (History of Mysterious Tower), and Chichen Itza (A culture without water) Finished charting: Baltic Sea


The skill can only be learnt by transferring job to Astronomer, which has Astronomy as an Expert skill.

Once you have the Astronomy skill, you may take Astronomy discovery quests from the guilds.

Or read books in the Archive,

After taking the quest, go to the designated area and use Recognition during a specific time period (Usually night time) of the day to discover the stars.

Connecting stars. It looks like Orion (the Hunter) appeared in the sky!

It’s an illustration of a character from mythology. Orion is the son of “Poseidon”, the Greek God of the Sea. Well-known for his strength, but killed by a scorpion in the end.

Some Astronomy objects only appear in specific historical periods, and no quest is needed.

Starting Astronomy quests:

Here are some quests that are the pre-requisite of other Astronomy quests.

1. Guidance of the Stars

Amsterdam, London, Adventure Guild, Recognition 1, Astronomy 1, French, Adventure Fame > 1500.

2. The Giant of the Southern Sky

Amsterdam, Adventure Guild, Recognition 1, Astronomy 1, Greek, Adventure Fame > 1500

New Astronomy Storyline Quests

Meet some of the familiar faces from the past in the new storyline quests. Quests must be completed in order and different sea permits are required.

1. Where to Find the Mysterious Man

St. Petersburg, Adventure Guild, Nordic, Adventure Fame > 10000, North Sea Permit, Finished charting Baltic Sea

2. Mutu Returns to His Hometown

Genoa, Merchant Guild, Italian, Trade Fame > 10000, Indian Ocean Permit, Finished Charting Baltic Sea.

3. Chasing the Fraud

Jakarta, Merchant Guild, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Trade Fame > 10000, Southeast Asia Permit, Finished charting The Java Sea.

Extra Quest


Santo Domingo, Adventure Guild, Mayan Language, Adventure Fame > 10000, Caribbean and East Coast of Latin America permit, Finished charting Antilles, Finished quest “The Sun Will Rise Again”

This is a bonus quest added to the end of the Aztec Story quest line after discovering Tenochtitlan. Must have completed the Aztec Story quest line to do this.

Skill Slot Can Be Increased By1!

Talk to the scholar in St. Petersburg, he will increase the maximum number of skills you can have by 1.To open St. Petersburg, do this quest


Stockholm, Merchant Guild, Far North Languages, Trade Fame > 10000, Finished charting Baltic Sea.

Inventory Slots Can Be Increased By 10!

[Inventory Expansion Bag] will increase your character’s inventory slots by 1. You can use this item a maximum of 10 times for 10 more Inventory Slots.

It can be purchased from the Astro Shop.

New Sea Area

[A new area in the sea of Western Europe is now open to sailors! You can sail on the neighboring sea of Greenland.

Contrary to its name, Greenland is covered mostly with ice making it one of the most extreme environments in the world. It has such severe conditions that there are no ports or landing places for sailors.

To search this region, you need to proceed with the events in World Atlas and search a certain sea area. Talk to Mercator after finishing the storyline for charting the Northeast Passage to start the Greenland Seas storyline.

Complete this hardcore search and add the following areas to your world map

North Greenland Sea

South Greenland Sea