Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

1. Finding Atlantis

The Episode Atlantis Expansion reaches its climax in this major chapter expansion.


Main Story Quests

The journey of finding Atlantis has almost reached its destination. To start the main story quest for this chapter, titled "Aspiring a Pure World", you will need to have completed all of the main story quests in the previous Episode Atlantis chapters.

  • Finish West Candia and Inland Crete's Land Investigation (Amsterdam Mercator, see Episode Atlantis Chapter 1: King Minos on unlocking Land Investigations function.)
  • Finish quest: "Land of the Legendary Kings" (Stockholm Adventure Guild, See Episode Atlantis Chapter 1: King Minos)
  • Finish quest: "Egypt and Atlantis" (London Adventure Guild, See Episode Atlantis Chapter 2: Barca Solar)
  • Finish quest: "A chance Meeting on the Sea of Atlas" (London Adventure Guild)
  • Take and finish quest: "Aspiring a Pure World" (Amsterdam Adventure Guild) image
  • At this point, the story branches into 3 quests. You may finish any one of the quests to proceed to taking Secret Edicts. Dangerous Caribbean is the easiest choice, but if you wish to experience the full story, try to go for all three.

    Dangerous Caribbean (Seville Maritime Guild, no additional requirement other than Aspiring a Pure World, easiest.)

    A Lord and a Merchant (Lisbon Merchant Guild, requires having completed A Certain Merchant's Misgiving from Athens, which in turn needs the Land of the Legendary King from Chapter 1 King Minos completed.)

    Those Who Seek and Those Who Lead (London Adventure Guild, Search R1, Appraisal R1, English, require discovering Xanadu, hardest.)


Secret Edict and the Solar Barge

After completing the main story quests, you will see a message asking you to talk to the Sectary in the palace of your home city. He will ask for your assistance in completing the ship used to reach Atlantis known as the "Solar Barge".


The Solar Barge requires 3 parts to complete, click on any of the slot for the parts it will give you a choice of 3 quests. Completing any of the quests will finish the construction of that part.


After completing the Solar Barge, go to the Port and take it to Atlantis!


The location of Atlantis will change every Monday, players who have already constructed the Solar Barge and reached Atlantis will need to build it once again to reach Atlantis whenever the location of Atlantis changes. However, you can sail to Atlantis freely within the week using normal ships after discovering the location of Atlantis.