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Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Episode Atlantis Chapter1 - King Minos

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1. Land Region Investigation

Did you finish charting all the sea regions? Are you curious about the blacked-out Land Regions? You can now reveal them through Land Region Investigation!


Take the Chariot from London and talk to the Professor in Oxford about Land Region Investigations to unlock the feature. It's necessary for the character to have completed at least one class in intermediate school, and have completed the quest, "Legend of the labyrinthos" (Venice Adventure Guild, Recognition R6, Archaeology R8, Theology R4, 10k Adv Fame) and discovered Knossos Palace. In addition, the character must have progressed in the Gran Atlas storyline (Sea Charting, Amsterdam Mercator) and accepted charting the Northeast Passage (This will require the character to have gained East Asia port permit). The professor will ask you to investigate West Candia and Inland Crete.

Specifying which Land Region to investigate is very similar to Sea Region Investigation. Click Journal → Charts → Select the appropriate general area → Select the specific land area → Click Research


A list of tasks will appear. Tasks appearing in red text are quests must be completed to finish the investigation. Map Completion Rate will increase as you complete various tasks, and when it reaches 100%, the investigation of the land area is considered to be complete. You can refer back to the list of tasks in the window under Journal → Map Investigations.



One of the primary tasks required for charting Land Regions is Triangulation. Recognition and Survey skills are needed to do this. Do Recognition in the land area at 3 different spots to form a triangle, and the area inside should be larger than required by the task.


Other activities that may be required to increase Map Completion Rate:

  • Investigate certain land mark – Find and click on the land mark.
  • Land Battles – Defeat a certain amount of NPCs.
  • Collection – Collect a certain amount of trade goods using Collection or Procurement skill. (Non-valuable goods such as grass, rocks, logs don't count.)
  • Find a Discovery – Either through maps or quests.
  • Complete quest – Complete a quest in the area.

Continue with the activities until Map Completion Rate reaches 100%, then use Journal → Map Investigations. The land region map is now complete!


Afterward, you can use Journal → Charts → Selecting the land region → Details and see information regarding to NPCs, possible trade goods from Collection and items from Search.


It's also possible to re-investigate a land region, and get extra rewards from Scholars.