Uncharted Waters Online
Legends of Honor

Star-shaped Baked Confectionary x15

Baked treat modeled after the stars. Restore fatigue/vigour +45

Star Anise x15

Spice of China. South China’s local specialty

Secret no-war pact note x1

Allows players to avoid all battles for 5 hours

Veil of Ofanims x1

Veil with magical powers. Gives 5 hours of protection from all natural disasters excluding storms, snowstorms, and sea ice.

Shipwreck map piece x4

Collecting fragments leads to full map of sunken ship.

Neptune x1

A figurehead of the Roman god of the sea.

Shining Tarot (The Star) x1

A mysteriously glowing card with the power of The Star.

Mooncake x15

Sweet bun shaped to look like the moon. Restore Fatigue/Vigour +90

Fine tribute goods (Large ships) x1

Used in Vs. Battle.
The items handed over to the pirates (along with half the money on person) for securing release.

Silver necklace x1

A finely crafted silver necklace. +2 Mineral Trading, +1 Sociability

Wind King's Powerful Pendant x1

Enables increase in speed by 30% for 1 day.

Shining Tarot (The Sun) x1

A mysteriously glowing card with the power of The Sun.

Planet x1

Crest depicting a star, the symbol of glory.

Armillary Sphere x1

Ornament created from a report on Armillary Sphere.